1. Artist Krishma (2013), test reference

    Photographer: Dana Washington

  2. Did a fast today and after prayer I went out to take in fresh air and to clear my head. My fasting purpose was to refocus and take God more seriously. One of my prayers was to work in my sisters life because she’s been having a hard time and she texted me with good news. I cried and thank God and knew the spirit was doing work.


  3. social

    it’s an interesting thing, funny actually. my ex& i have become good friends post-breakup. his friendship has meant so much to me& i am most thnkful. the interesting thing is how he pops up on almst all my social media platforms as someone i shld be following& i follow vry few people because i do not know them personally or have no intrigue to go past the superficial.

    him& i hve nvr followed or acknowledged each other on social platforms, but ive come to realize that he follows &has followed whomever i do or who follows me. maybe ive lookd too deeply, maybe not. it could just be the sites connecting dots some type of way. but, it just reminded me how social netwrks has such a mental stronghold on some& how they get sucked into doing strange things creepily, instead of being: social.

    i thnk the point of is all is to make cnnections. i dnt understnd it any other way, entertainment possibly. social media has pulled me towards amazing people& lessened the degree of separation. that’s what im here for.

  4. confessionsofanignoredprettygirl said: your work!!its amazing,very raw

    Thank you so very much! Means a lot.

  5. Morian (2014)

    Photographer: Dana Washington

  6. sooo mobettahues how does it feel ?

  7. breakfast after a 7am golf session with my father. raggedy, no glasses yeeee


  9. photo

    i have a preference for shooting up-close photographs because it shows the reality of someone, the individual beauty &uniqueness. face and eyes are what makes us who we are externally, so I capture that. it is truth. i understand that can make some uncomfortable, to see what they truly look like. but we’ve all been conditioned to see& accept a narrow ideal of beauty, which is generally not what you or i may look like.

    i choose not to use/overuse lights or photoshop or lens flares to diminish or cover up what the person sitting/standing in front of my camera believes is a flaw. flaws are lies created to lessen the love we have for ourselves. &i don’t want to feed into anything untrue.

    more could be written, but you get the idea.

  10. always do your best,
    doing your best makes
    you happy.

  12. Folk: Morian


  13. dear summer,

    i have one-month to make as many memories as possible with my freedom, womanness, crafts, friends& peers before classes creep back around.

    thus far this has been the most productive &experiential summer in years.

  14. selfie

  15. selfie